Double Vision wishes to support people to take control of their lives in their own hands. The government expects from people an increasing self-sufficiency and a contribution to society. Not everybody is capable to contribute out of him-/herself. Double Vision’s approach aims to contribute to the personal growth of this specific group of people and thus making the process to contributions to and involvement with our society easier for them. Double Vision is specifically aimed to non-Dutch women and youths on income support.

Why we what we do

Don't be perfect

Be you

Don't be what you think they want you to be

Be what you know you are

Don't look outside for anything

It's all within

Jackson Kiddard

The Team

Vanessa Heres


Vanessa is an ex-top sporter. In her youth she has proven her place in the top of the Netherlands in ice skating and this experience has helped her in developing competencies like results orientation, focus and directness as strong as they are.

With her broad international experience of over 10 years in labour relations, organisational and strategic consulting, performance management, training and recruiting at organisations like Cirque du Soleil, Philips, T-Systems, and Experian, she now is working as Senior HR Manager bij Thermo Fisher Scientific

Vanessa is a business partner and team player who brings in leadership- and management qualities. Proven skills in improving efficiency by means of co-operation, communication and execution. She has a broad experience in various sectors and excellent analytical, presentation and problem solving skills. Additionally, she has knowledge of various organisational structures and broad experience in working in matrix organisations. Vanessa possesses managerial knowledge and marketing insight which she is happy to use to support management teams.

She develops HR workshop with group dynamics in which the personalities of the participants take a central place. During a management development program at Ziggo, she got the inspiration to start a foundation that aims to get immigrant women and youths closer to the labour market by empowerment. An important aspect of het initiative is obtaining funds through HR workshops in the profit sector, through which sharing knowledge and empowerment ‘for profit’ leads to contributions for her ‘non-profit’ initiative.

Rob Netten


Rob Netten is the treasurer and secretary of the foundation Double Vision. Apart from his analytical skills, his down-to-earthness enables him to place things in perspective.

He has years of experience in payroll and financial accounting, in organisations both in the profit and non-profit sector. Lately, Rob has been working as a Senior Finance Officer at TMF Finance in Amsterdam. He is as well treasurer of the tenants’ committee ‘De Lamel’ in The Hague, so one may say he knows the game.

As a team player Rob likes to remain in the background, and apart from the financial reporting and correspondence he is always busy looking for methods to give more meaning to the workshops of Double Vision.

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